An Error Analysis of Students’ Language Use in Writing Hortatory Exposition Text at MAS Muallimin Medan

Hanum, Fadillah (2018) An Error Analysis of Students’ Language Use in Writing Hortatory Exposition Text at MAS Muallimin Medan. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Sumatera Utara.


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The aim of this research is to analyse language use error which done by students in writing hortatory exposition text, and to find out why the students made language use error in writing hortatory exposition text. The research methodology of this research was descriptive qualitative research and the procedure of error analysis used is based on Hughey. The participants of this research were eleventh grade students of MAS Muallimin Medan class XI MIA 2, 10 students were asking to write hortatory text based on the topic they choose in sixty minutes. The data of the research were collected from the students’ writings focusing on students’ language use, and interview to triangulate the data obtained from students’ writings. The data analysis was using Miles and Huberman theory; data reduction, data display, and conclusion drawing and verification. The findings of the research are as follow: 1) writer has analysed that students did language use error in simple present tense 4%, noun and pronouns 50%, verbs 34%, adjectives 2% , adverb 4%, and conjunction 6%. Based on the total results of error, the writer found out that the the most errors are noun and pronoun with the percentage 50%, the second most error is verb 34%, then conjunction 6%, simple present and adverb 4%, and the last adjectives 2%. 2) the students made errors because three students said that they had less vocabulary and four students said that they are lack of grammar so they have difficulties in arranging the sentences correctly.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Error Analysis, Language Use, Hortatory Text, Writing
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400 Language > 410 Linguistics > 411 Writing systems
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