Peran BK Dalam Pengamalan Nilai-Nilai Pancasila

Nasution, Toni (2019) Peran BK Dalam Pengamalan Nilai-Nilai Pancasila. In: Proceeding International Seminar And Conference Guidance And Counseling Thema The Innovative Strategy of Guidance and Counselling at School and Madrasah Industrial Age 4.0 Context. UINSU Press, pp. 173-182. ISBN 978-623-93575-0-4

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Pancasila is often heard and active in everyday life, Pancasila as a national ideology is the result of an agreement with the nation with pluralism that exists in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. Pancasila is a solution in uniting the Indonesian people who are famous for their richness in Indonesia. In the life of nation and state, Pancasila value can only to be considered and discussed a little but negligently and are also very reluctant to practice them in daily life. Today should be approved, internalized and practiced in accordance with the philosophy that exists in everyday life, the Indonesian State will advance and become a great country. Pancasila values that often arise in the life of Indonesian society are the many cases of attacks by religious groups and even sealing places of worship of certain religions. Then, the increasing number of human rights in the past, racism which is increasingly increasing, more diverse groups and want to be resolved by themselves from the nation, in the concept of deliberation which is increasingly changing because there are improvements, often with elections / unilateral. Read more about visiting finishes and wearing the order that is on the nation sharp down and blunt up. Everything here needs to be asked. The maximum value of the form of understanding, appreciation and practice of the values of the Pancasila will be peeled with various roles of counseling in applying the values of the Pancasila.

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