An Analysis Of Lexical Error In Writing Recount Text At Eighth Grade Of MTs Aisyiyah Medan

Selvia, Dewi (2020) An Analysis Of Lexical Error In Writing Recount Text At Eighth Grade Of MTs Aisyiyah Medan. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Sumatera Utara.


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Recount text is a type of text that aims to retell or to inform the events in the past. The researcher chose recount text as the students‟s task in this research because recount text is aimed to retell past events based on time sequence, so they did not need to struggle about how to make it happen. The method used in this study was qualitative by using descriptive to describe the types of lexical error. The subject of this study were 25 students of eighth grade of MTs Aisyiyah Medan. The data were obtained from test and using interview to got more information about recount text. This study collected some important information from the student to be investigated about lexical error based on Llach‟s theory. There were 6 types of lexical error using Llach‟s theory, borrowing, coinage, calque, misspelling, misselection, and semantic confusion. But in this study, the researcher only found five types of lexical error. The result of this study were 169 lexical error made by the students, with calque 82.84%, borrowing 8.28%, misspelling 5.33%, semantic confusion 2.96% and misselection 0.59%. The most dominant error in students‟ writing had been calculated. It was 82.84% or 140 error. It means that most of students translate the word into Indonesia language literally.

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