Analisis Yuridis Terhadap Kebijakan Hukum Khalifah Umar Ibn Khattab (634-644 M)

Akbar, Ali (2020) Analisis Yuridis Terhadap Kebijakan Hukum Khalifah Umar Ibn Khattab (634-644 M). UIN Sumatera Utara, Medan. (Tidak diterbitkan (Unpublished) )

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Caliph Umar is the pioneer of legislation in an Islamic state. Caliph has created a new paradigm in Islamic history. With the expansion of the Islamic region, the need for applied Islamic law community and fostering activities also increased. It was caused by people who had just converted to Islam in various conquered areas clearly needed guidance in the practice of Islamic application. Therefore, Islamic law had also undergone development from the previous period. The source of Islamic law in the era of Umar ibn Khattab a part from the Alquran and Sunnah was also carried out by- we called -Ijtihad. The method in this study was a library research, by collecting, reading, and studying books that have something to do with this discussion. At first glance Umar's Ijtihad seemed to contradict the provisions of the verses of Alquran, but if it was examined the nature of the verses in the framework of the overall purpose of Islamic law, the ijtihad carried out by Umar Ibn Khattab did not really contradict with the meaning of the verses.

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