Improving The Students’ Listening Ability Through Fairy Tale At MTS Islamiyah Medan

Ayundini, Tri Yuci (2019) Improving The Students’ Listening Ability Through Fairy Tale At MTS Islamiyah Medan. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Sumatera Utara.

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The target of teaching and learning English at SMP/MTs is to enable the learners to achieve the functional level to communicate written and orally. In fact, it is not easy for English teacher to teach the students’ to reach the primary goal. There were some problem found at MTs Islamiyah Medan in learning listening, the students lack of vocabulary and the teachers media can not attract students listening abiity. So, the researcher was used the fairy tale media to improve the students listening ability. The resercher used some test to collected the data there are, pre-test, cycle I (post-test), and cycle II (post-test II). In pre-test the researcher gave the students’ a fairy tale video without picture, then in cycle I the researcher gave the same video with picture media, the last the researcher did the cycle II with different video with picture media. This research aimed to improve students’ ability at listening ability by using fairy tale. The background of the study in this research was based on the students’ difficulties in listening . In order to solve this problem, the teacher should have creative media. A fairy tale can be an alternative way as a learning media that will make students enjoy and easy to listen. In this research, the researcher conducted a classroom action research as the methodology. The subject of this research was the eighth grade students of MTs Islamiyah Medan. This research used two types of data, namely qualitative data and quantitative data. The qualitative data were obtained through an interview, observation sheet and field note. Meanwhile, the quantitative data used test that done before the implementation of the actions (pre-test) and after the implementation of the actions (post-test I and post-test II). The result of this research showed that there was increasing of students in listening. Total score from pre-test was 1.595 divided of 30 students’ so mean of the pre-test was 53.16, total score from cycle I was 2.135 divided of 30 students’ so mean of the first cycle was 71.16, and total score from cycle II was 2.450 divided of 30 students’ so mean of the second cycle was 81.6. It showed that the mean in the second cycle were better than the pre-cyle and first cycle. And by using t-test, the researcher found that tobservation (8.46) > ttable (1.09). It means that the hypothesis (Ha) of the research is accepted. Based on the findings, it can be concluded that the use of fairy tale can improve the students’ listening ability

Jenis Item: Skripsi (Skripsi)
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