Inflasi dalam pandangan Umer Chapra

Ridha, Muhammad (2019) Inflasi dalam pandangan Umer Chapra. Masters thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Sumatera Utara.


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According to Islamic economists, inflation has a very bad effect on the economy because it disruptions to the function of money, weakness the spirit of saving, the production of goods becomes lower, and people's purchasing power weakness. This discussion of inflation also attracted the attention of M. Umer Chapra as a Muslim economist. This study aims to analyze M. Umer Chapra's opinion on inflation. The type of this research with a qualitative approach in the form of historical research, which examines history of the life of a character which includes ideas, thoughts, and things that influence the formation of his thoughts. Data collection methods in this study using library data (library research) with the object of research is M. Umer Chapra about his thoughts relating to inflation, traced through his works, Chapra thought is a blend of traditional science, religion and modern economics. The results of this study concluded that his thinking was dominated by macro economics because he was involved in the world economy, monetary policy, Islamic financial institutions which were more emphasized by the central bank and its policies and inflation problems. M. Umer Chapra's view of efforts to suppress inflation is the need for price stability and strategy. While the shortcomings lie in being tolerant towards Western financial instruments, they must prioritize the importance of moral improvement for a just economy to be a solution to the failure of capitalist and socialist economic systems.

Jenis Item: Skripsi (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Studi Tokoh, M. Umer Chapra, Inflasi
Subjects: 300 Social sciences > 330 Economics
Divisions: Program Pasca Sarjana > Program Magister > Thesis Master
Pengguna yang mendeposit: Mrs. Misdar Piliang
Date Deposited: 02 Nov 2019 08:29
Last Modified: 02 Nov 2019 08:29

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