The Ice Rain In The Perspective Of The Holy Koran And Science

Harahap, Abdurrahim (2016) The Ice Rain In The Perspective Of The Holy Koran And Science. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Sumatera Utara Meddan.


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The universe is a very interesting object for study. Now a days people vying to create the latest discovery, both in the areas of technology, health, climate and so on. In this paper the writer provides the latest findings on the verses relating to science of climatology is ice rain, and also on the interpretation and analysis. ice rain is a rare phenomenon in our daily lives. therefore we do not know what exactly causes the occurrence of the ice rain and how impact to the earth. The biggest impact of the fall of ice rain in some areas is going on crop farms, rain that falls in crystal, can directly damage of the plant such as leaves, twigs, branches and fruits. Besides ice rain also are highly acidic so it can "poison" ice rain affected plants, the plants can "burn" due to the nature of the ice rain acidity. If the ice rain that fell on the area coverage is small and limited and the duration time is short, the impact can minimized by spraying water on the plants affected by ice rain.So the Holy Koran and science agree in assessing the ice rain that happened in our lives as a disaster , and with this we are increasingly convinced that the holy Koran was not only revealed to worship of Allah , but the holy Koran covers all aspects of knowledge. And this will be the work of Muslim scientists to always relate all the science with the content of the holy Koran.

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Subjects: 2X1 AL QURAN DAN ILMU TERKAIT > 2X1.4 Kumpulan ayat-ayat dan surat tertentu; > 2X1.40 misalnya ayat mengenai astronomi > 2X1.405 2 Ayat-ayat mengenai teknologi
Divisions: Fakultas Ushuluddin dan Studi Islam > Ilmu Al-quran dan Tafsir
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