Pinang, Husaen TAFSIR TEMATIK “AL-ILAAH” DAN “AL-RABB” - HUSAEN PINANG. Jurnal Ibn Abbas, 1 (2). ISSN 2620-7885

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This study to explains conceptual of al-Ilaah and al-Rabb in the thematic review of the Qur'an. The focus discussion from two terms is detailed with the following sub-problems: what is the substance of the meaning of al-Ilaah and al-Rabb and how the values contained in al-ilaah and al-rabb. The method used is literature and descriptive analysis. The description of al-Ilaah and al-Rabb can be summarized as follows: a) the substantive meaning of al-Ilaah and al-Rabb, is God, worship, to whom beings worship and worship. Furthermore, the creator God is Allah Swt. which nurtures and educates all beings with all perfection, b) the correlation of Islamic aqidah based on the word al-ilaah and al-rabb in everyday life, that with true belief in God as the creator and maintainer of all nature, making a person free from dependence on beings, and c) that Allah Swt. is the God of all nature who has extraordinary power unmatched by His creatures.

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