Dinamika pesantren modern Darul Arafah Raya Kecamatan Kutalimbaru Kabupaten Deli Serdang Sumatera Utara

Sriyanti, Novi (2018) Dinamika pesantren modern Darul Arafah Raya Kecamatan Kutalimbaru Kabupaten Deli Serdang Sumatera Utara. Masters thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Sumatea Utara Medan.


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ABSTRACT This research aims to describe: 1) management dynamics of Pesantren Darularafah Greater, 2) dynamics of Darularafah Raya Islamic Boarding School, 3) dynamics of education system in Pesantren Darularafah Raya. This research uses a qualitative method. Data obtained through interviews, observation and documentation. The informant in this research is the founder of Pesantren Darularafah Raya as the general leader of Pesantren, Darularafah Raya principal / head of madrasah, ustadz / ustadzah, and some santri and dyah who can provide additional information to the required data. Data analysis is done through data reduction, data presentation and conclusion. The results showed that: 1) Management in Pesantren Darularafah Raya has been managed in a neat and professional manner, this is evidenced by the planning (planning), organizing (organizing), actuating, and control (controlling) is good, conducted Pesantren Darularafah Raya. 2) The institutional dynamics in Darularafah Raya Pesantren has a very large coverage. This is evidenced by the existence of various institutions owned by Pesantren Darularafah Raya, Majelis Kiai, Headmaster and Head of Madrasah, Board of Parenting (BPS) and Dyah (BPD) 2) Educational Institution at Darularafah Raya Islamic Boarding School education. The educational system consists of educational objectives, educator and educational situation, curriculum, and facilities / infrastructure. Every year there is dynamics in the education system at Pesantren Darularafah, this is evidenced by the evaluation or evaluation of the performance of educators every year. Addr

Jenis Item: Skripsi (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Dinamika,Pesantren modern, Darul Arafah Raya, Deli Serdang
Subjects: 2X7 FILSAFAT DAN PERKEMBANGANNYA > 2X7.3 Pendidikan Islam > 2X7.34 Pendidikan non formal, masukkan disini pesantren
Divisions: Program Pasca Sarjana > Program Magister > Pendidikan Agama Islam
Pengguna yang mendeposit: Mrs. Misdar Piliang
Date Deposited: 06 Nov 2018 07:33
Last Modified: 06 Nov 2018 07:33
URI: http://repository.uinsu.ac.id/id/eprint/4461

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