Discern the meaning of ummatan washatan in southeast asia

Sofyan, Muhammad and Rasyid, Aliyuddin Abdul and Jamaluddin, Jamaluddin and Adisaputera, Abdurahman (2015) Discern the meaning of ummatan washatan in southeast asia. IOSR, 20 (5). pp. 11-18. ISSN 2279-0845


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Many people, especially in western, have different point of view through the moslem. Mostly, they do not understand well about the real moslem. Tragically, it also happens to the moslem themselves. They tried to create their own thingking withouth holding Al ‘Quran as their guidance. They tries to minimize the meaning of ummatan washatan. We should bact to the Quran as our reflection of life that ummatan wasathan as a good attitude and characters, wasathan in matters of constitution (the establishment of shari’ah), ummatan wasathan is a rahmatan Lil’Alamin mission, ummatan sasathan as solution for present civilization, ummatan wasathan is the best da’wah, the tolerance of ummatan sasathan is not excessive, ummatan wasathan is a sustainable da’wah strategy, southeast asian requires pioneer of ummatan wasathan, moderate islam. Ideas to build ummatan washatan:1. Engaging youth from different countries, campuses, institutions, or organizations to be preachers of ummatan wasathan, 2. Insert a textbook with ummatan wasathan 3. Holding an international youth camp which leads to the implementation of ummatan wasathan, 4. Making commercial breaks, movies, and other things relating to ummatan wasathan. 5. Conducting a research causing of anarchism, terrorism. 6. Southeast Asia as the central of modern Islamic civilization.

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