Kritik kontekstualisasi pemahaman hadis M. Syuhudi Ismail

Siregar, Idris (2017) Kritik kontekstualisasi pemahaman hadis M. Syuhudi Ismail. Masters thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Sumatera Utara.

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This study aims to determine how contextualization M.Syuhudi Ismail in the understanding of hadith. And how scholarly opinions about the the contextualized of hadith. This research is library research, by collecting data related to this research, and then elaborated based on the data obtained and analyzed. Data collection techniques used by collecting books, and articles relating to the title of this is thesis. There are seven things that are the result of this research. First, that the hadith regarding drank alcohol for people whoever new to Islam should not be, even if he is in the framework of propaganda wisdom. Second, the hadith of the Dajjal, because it was mentioned that he was blinds eye and written between the eyes “kafir”. Third, the hadith about the sculptor, to see an analysis of the Arabics history before Islam came, they worship idols, drawings and sculptures, they make it then worship it, in this modern age there are many who fall into pagan. Fourth, the hadith about satan tied in Ramadan, then the question arises why the case of adultery, and theft in the month of Ramadan? This is because the human body there are two opposing elements, namely good and evil. Fifth, the hadith about women become leaders, that the hadith is said to people, and women in general form, based on the general word. Sixth, the hadith about the switch of the lamps if going to sleep is one of the hadith that have proven their science in modern life, that caused the several diseases. Seventh, the hadith of beard, according to the opinion of the scholars that this hadith is not only for Arabic alone but applies to all moslems by the general word. Keywords: criticsm of matan , contextualization, M. Syuhudi Ismail.

Jenis Item: Skripsi (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: criticsm of matan , contextualization, M. Syuhudi Ismail.
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