Pemikiran Ahmad Hasan Bandung tentang teologi Islam

Aisyah, Siti (2017) Pemikiran Ahmad Hasan Bandung tentang teologi Islam. Masters thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Sumatera Utara.

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Theology is proportion of the most important matter in human life to achieve blissfulness in world and in the hereafter. The complication examined in this research focused on the theological aspects, aiming to analyze in depth the theological thought Islam by Ahmad Hassan Bandung related about God, Human and the Hereafter. This research is a qualitative research make use of historical approach. Data collection method used is the method of library research. This research in analyzing the data is already to collected by using content analysis. The results of this research indicates that Ahmad Hassan Bandung thinking about traditional Islamic theology belonging to concept of the Salafi. Ahmad Hassan to comprehend that the existence of the nature of Allah must believe completely without a doubt the least and believed in God‟s attributes. The Quran is the word of Allah, Allah is the Most Just and Allah have the wish and absolute power. Ahmad Hassan contend that, in the absence of the Prophet and revelation, one can not grasp all of life‟s purpose. Intellect is not capable of know it Allah, comprehension of good and bad, duty doing good and leave bad. According to him as well as the deeds of human Allah sets since azali. Divided commit major sins Ahmad Hassan argues Allah reward according deed and Allah provide an opportunity to commit major sins to repent. According to Ahmad Hassan, whose faith required to believe in Allah, angels, the books, His apostles and His prophet, hereafter, and believe in the providence of Allah, someone believed so easily will always commit all His commandments and leave all His prohibitions. Ahmad Hassan found in the hereafter they will be resurrected with the body and spirit, with the resurrection of the body and spirit have proved the power of Allah and the justice of Allah towards His slaves. He asserted that heaven and hell already Allah created and eternal. He according that Allah will fulfill His promises and threats in the hereafter that is a haven for the cautious and hell for the insubordinate

Jenis Item: Skripsi (Masters)
Subjects: 2X0 ISLAM (UMUM) > 2X0.02 Islam dan Ilmu Pengetahuan
Divisions: Program Pasca Sarjana > Program Magister > Thesis Master
Pengguna yang mendeposit: Mrs. Triana Santi
Date Deposited: 25 Jul 2017 02:17
Last Modified: 04 Aug 2017 08:49

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