Perang dalam perspektif Alqur'an (kajian terhadap ayat-ayat qital)

Harahap, Saddam Husein (2016) Perang dalam perspektif Alqur'an (kajian terhadap ayat-ayat qital). Masters thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Sumatera Utara.


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This is research of library Research, study about “ War in the Perspective of the Koran”. This research is the source of the sources include primary and scondary sources with direct refrence to the Koran and books of commentary that examines the war (qitâl). The purpose of this study was to determine the explicit meaning of the war in the perspective of the Koran. Qitâl and jihâd does not have the same meaning that qitâl and jihâd have the different meanings. Therefore, do not mean that jihâd is qitâl. War or (qitâl) does not necessarily tend to the physical or violence. In the Quranic verse says qitâl mentioned 13 times in 6 letters, at Q.S. Al-Baqarah 216, 217, 246, Q.S. Ali „Imran 121, Q.S. An-Nisa‟ 77, Q.S. Al-Anfal 65, Q.S. Al-Ahzab 25, and Q.S. Muhammad verse: 20. The use of the word in the Koran qitâl and various derivation, verb or noun found in various letters in the Koran. Overall qatala words and derivatives used 170 times in the Koran. Of the total, used by as many as 94 times in the form sulasi mujarrad, qatala-yaqtulu, 67 times in the form of chapter mufâ‟ala, 5 times in the form taf‟ἷl chapter, and 4 times in the form ifti‟âl chapter. While the word itself qitâl called 13 times in 6 letters. That all said qitâl and derivation in the Koran meaning is “ War” ,”fight”. Except in Q.S. At-Taubah verse 30, Q.S. Al-Munadfiqun verse 4, the meaning is “destory” cursing and keep them away from the grace of God”, Q.S. al-Ahzab verse 61, Q.S. Al-Araf verse 141 and 127, Q.S. Al-Maidah verse 33, the meaning is “ killed”, murder” and crucified”. While in the Q.S. Al-Qashash verse 15 the meaning is “ fight”. Defensive war is a war that is done only for those who carried out the attack alone, in the other words to defend themselves from enemy attack. Offensive war is a war conducted by an attack without first attack, to wholly or also called absolute war. The purpose of war (qitâl) is implemented so that no human being idolatrous or worshiped but Allah and that all implementing rules of Allah. As for the types of war in the Koran are include: a physical war, verbal war, a war with the heart, and the war with treasure, and ideological war. War is because muslims have suffered persecution or torture by the enemy. As for the ethics of war in the Koran are generally not allowed to exceed the limits (should not fight against women, children, elderly people, and people who have expressed peacefully). The law of war in the Koran is twofold: firsly, fardhu kifayah is fighting war (faighting against the infidel enemy or enemies who want to Islam harm to the country where they reside. Secondly, Fardhu „Ain intention is to fight when the enemy infidels or who want to destory Islam has entered the land of the muslims. While sanctions against those who committed the attack is to do even with the penalty kill. Physical war is the last alternative that should be done if the attack had been carried out by the enemy.

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